The Dangers “Naive” Voters Present Obama

Al Giordano finds an interesting nugget in the midst of all the ridiculous talk of a Clinton-Obama, or Obama-Clinton, ticket.

There was one thing in the debate that could hurt Obama and it’s ironically related to the fact that people like him: the prospect, raised by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, of a Clinton-Obama ticket. But that’s a pipedream for those that gullibly believe it. In the event that Clinton wins the nomination she might well offer the position to Obama, but I’ll bet money with anyone that wants to part with it that he’d never agree to it.

Unfortunately for Obama, he can’t say that aloud, or risk being accused of a “snub” anew. He knows that he’d be crazy to subjugate himself that way to a campaign that takes DC lobbyist and PAC money (which would dissolve much of the good will that his small donor base has for him), and with a nominee that might well burn down to November defeat, turning its vice presidential nominee into something that would look like Edwards looked this round after his ‘04 vice presidential run (and like Lieberman looked in ‘04 after his ‘00 VP candidacy). Obama is ambitious (you have to be, politics), but not blindly so, and not crazy. It ain’t gonna happen. But if a big enough sector of voters is naïve enough to think they could get two for one by voting for Clinton, that could give her a bounce on Tuesday. Obama needs to dissuade some voters of that argument without frontally assaulting it. I don’t know how he does that.


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