Pondering the Latino Vote in South Texas

Texas’ Rio Grande Valley promises to be one of the more interesting playing fields as the Democratic race continues. From Sunday’s Dallas Morning News:

Whether Mr. Obama can mitigate the simpatico feelings between Latinos and the Clintons in Texas is a large concern for his time-challenged campaign. The Clintons will rely on surrogates trusted by Hispanic voters – including Henry Cisneros, former housing secretary and San Antonio mayor – and their record on issues of top concern to Hispanics, such as education…Mr. Cisneros pointed out that Mrs. Clinton was first in South Texas registering Latino voters for George McGovern in 1972. … Complicating Mr. Obama’s task is long-standing political competition among black and Hispanic political leaders that may make it tougher for a black candidate to win Hispanic voters.

Illustrating that tension, last week, Jesse Diaz – president of the Dallas-area League of United Latin American Citizens – suggested on a Dallas blog that Latinos will respond to Mr. Obama with the same “distaste” that some black leaders in Dallas have shown toward Hispanics.

Nick Jimenez addressed the Black/Brown tension meme in his Corpus Christi Caller-Times column.

If the election were held today, I believe that Hillary Clinton would win most of the Hispanic vote in Texas…The Clintons have a known history of supporting legislation that nurtures children and children are a touchstone for Hispanic voters. Obama has voted for children’s issues, too, such as expanded Children’s Health Insurance, but probably many voters don’t know that….The history of Hispanics and blacks in Texas is one where they often found themselves competing against each other for the table scraps of justice. Now that minorities in Texas are at the crux of a big decision, we shouldn’t allow the old hang-ups to determine history.

And, over the weekend, Rep. Pete Gallego endorsed Obama.

“Obama’s life story and his values are so much closer to the Latino community than any candidate other than Bill Richardson,” Gallego said.

“Part of what drives me is his life story. It’s a fascinating life story. It’s more than just the issues, it’s his values. I think Hispanics and South Texas should really be able to relate to him.”…Gallego said the biggest drawback for Obama along the border and South Texas is that his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, is a household name.

“Clinton is a known brand. The last time our community really voted was during the Clinton years,” Gallego said.


3 thoughts on “Pondering the Latino Vote in South Texas

  1. Why would she let Patti go right before the Texas vote?? She knows that blacks have been voting for blacks and it is a lost cause. Patti is her senior advisor and said it was her choice. She will be Hillary’s right had advising her. Are they calling Patti a liar? Are they trying to hoodwink the Hispanic voters and fire them up against Hillary? You bet. Don’t follow the snake oil salesman and phony messiah dudes.

    Hispanic voters have the opportunity to stop the coronation of obama as the Democratic nominee. Since the Pennsylvannia debate, in October 2007, the obama camp, rightwing, national media, and blogs, have been distorting and smearing Hillary’s record and words. It was obvious by the campaign tactics of the obama and the media that smearing her would be the only way of taking her out of the race, she all of a sudden became a liar and untrustworthy, she couldn’t take a position when she obviously does and carefully thinks through a complex issue before mapping out how to resolve it. The obama camp was personally smearing Hillary in Iowa, ‘Sen. Punjab’ Michelle Obama personally attacking her referring to the lewinsky scandal, and all the while the media playing along and viciously attacking her while giving obama a free ride. Once Hillary was declared dead in NH, and work hard and won, obama and the media played the race card, MSNBC began it claiming the Bradley Affect, obama camp. went on msnbc claimed Hillary didn’t cry for Katrina victims and emphasized Katrina several times (that was a direct racial play to the black community) obama camp sent racially inflamatory talking points to SC, which he admitted at the NV debate, then distorted Hillary and Bills words including the Jessie Jackson comment which the reporter provided the entire transcript before the camera was turned on, which Bill was being asked the question of ‘race and history’ Jessie Jackson comment was completely appropriate, the media fudged it up. The obama camp is still inflaming the black community by lying to this and other comments, to promote votes, which it is obviuosly working. 80% of the black vote is consistently going to obama regardless, that is racist.

    Obama continues to spout his superior judgement on Iraq, however, it is a fact that he stated in 04 that he didn’t know how he would vote for it and there wasn’t much difference between him and bush. When obama finally was in the position to change the direction of the Iraq war he continuously voted to fund it, that is fact and does not show conviction, getting things accomplished it shows playing politics. Obama skipped the vote on Iran like so many other votes, but voted for a similar one in 06, now tries to use it against Hillary, he shows the lack of ability to stand firm on anything. Obama claims he is reform taking away the power of big business, but his relationship with Rezko has been of serious concern for those who want the truth, and his $230,000.00 donations from Exelon the 2nd largest Nuclear Power Corp, who obama changed his own legislation that would have held them accountable, to allowing Exelon to make the rules, reported in the NYTs Feb. 3, 2008. He has lobbyist on his campaign as the chair in NH, he has the political backing of the establishment in the large think tanks of WA. D.C.

    Obama has been given a free pass from almost every media outlet and pundit, why? The rightwing is making a doc. on obama as we nominate and they are going to come full force if obama is the nominee, they will define him and the media will help, why else hasn’t the corporate owned media been doing their jobs in reporting the facts. McCain will win if obama is nominated, look at obamas wins so far none of the states that matter to dems, a large racial divide in many of them that he will not beable to close if nominated, and his serious lack of qualifications and accomplishments to justify serious voters in the general to support him once he has been defined by the rightwing.

    There is so much more I could say, but you need to make the right choice for this country and obama is not it. Do your homework on both Hillary and Obama don’t listen to the media hype and the obama rhetoric, if you do you will choose Hillary who will beat the rightwing and keep her promises, she always has worked for the good of the entire country, her history proves it.

  2. I dont think fox news or the rest of the media has given Hillary Clinton a fair shake, every theng she does is being criticized.It seems to me that is a conspiracy against her. Senator Obama has not been scrutinize he is runing his campaing on false hope, promise and so call change. WHAT KIND OF CHANGE?……..that is scary to me that a candidate with no experience what so ever can be president of the higest post in the United States Of America. Lets reconsider this before he gets elected in this primary.

  3. No-one ever enters the presidency with experience, unless you were president in a prior term! Obama is the only candidate that can unite this country and lead it towards true change. Hillary cannot do that. Hillary will continue with the old politics as usual. WHY HASN’T SHE RELEASED HER INCOME TAX RETURNS? What is it that she’s hiding?? Obviously something! Think about that and vote for OBAMA!

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