Making Change

[from guest blogger JDL]

Marshall Ganz, has written a nice piece on why Obama’s campaign is about more than the rhetoric of change and atonement. Ganz believes that Obama’s campaign marks one of the rare moments in history when the cultural and political landscapes are deeply transformed.

“Deep change in the values that shape our politics, policy, and view of government hasn’t happened very often — in fact, only five or six times. When it has happened, it has been the work of popular movements that stir broad enough public engagement to mobilize a governing coalition with the power to achieve real change.”

Various commentators have positioned the Obama campaign as a movement that’s being driven by progressives and historically disenfranchised voters. The emerging coalition of young people, African Americans, and progressives of all colors (yes even Latinos) and genders is rocking the Clintonian political machine. We’re beginning to see that white working class voters are also throwing their support behind Obama. Obama’s election would bring a new governing coalition to power. Many of us are hopeful enough to think that this new coalition will yield economically and socially just results.


2 thoughts on “Making Change

  1. I don’t buy it. It strikes me as wishful thinking.

    The way I size it up, there’s around 35% of the Democratic base which really hates Hillary Clinton, and another 15% or so which is motivated by an anti-war position. That’s Obama’s 50% give or take.

    However, that’s an anti-Hillary-Clinton Democratic coalition, not a national GOVERNING coalition, which is a very different thing.

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