Who Will Pat Quinn Select to Succeed Obama?

Rod Blagojevich could remain the governor through the end of this year, though yesterday’s Rezko case news makes that slightly less likely.  In any case, Ramsin Canon, Eric Zorn and Larry Handlin have started to wonder who Governor Blagojevich, or Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn, might appoint to replace a President-elect Obama. My neighbors Carol Ronen and Alexi Giannoulias receive several mentions; Attorney General Lisa Madigan may be the best candidate, but her eyes are on the governorship. If Obama gets a say, and is serious about immigration reform, will Luis Gutierrez have a chance to pass the DREAM Act in the Senate? I like Pat Quinn to select himself, should he get the chance.

[Updated post-Blago’s indictment: Quinn won’t select himself; more recent posts on IL political jockeying.]


2 thoughts on “Who Will Pat Quinn Select to Succeed Obama?

  1. gutierrez would be the best, quinn would be interesting. everyone will want it, including jesse jr, who has the best shot of all the second tier. after all, obama’s the only african-american in the senate.

    i’d vote for hamos — finally get a pro-urban voice in the senate (and reward her for getting the rta package done).

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