The Boss on Obama: Shortening the Distance “Between Promise and Reality”

Bruce Springsteen, earlier this week:

“[T]here are two really good Democratic candidates for president. I admire and respect them both enough to wait and see what happens.” But while he won’t endorse Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama yet, he specifically praises the latter, who cited Springsteen as the person he would most like to meet in a recent interview with People.

“I always look at my work as trying to measure the distance between American promise and American reality,” Springsteen says. “And I think (Obama’s) inspired a lot of people with that idea: How do you make that distance shorter? How do we create a more humane society? We’ve lived through such ugly times that people want to have a romance with the idea of America again, and I think they need to.

“The hard realities and how things get done are important, too, but if you can effectively convince people that it’s possible to make things better, they get excited.”


2 thoughts on “The Boss on Obama: Shortening the Distance “Between Promise and Reality”

  1. Yes, all very nice, but the world is quickly changed. Consider the Isreali “war games” recently noted by the US government. There were 900 plus fighters and rescue helicopters with tankers. This is no simple message. Bush is a lame duck. As the choice of the election of the President approaches, the time-line on what Isreal may do looks more and more probable. If you roll back to 1981, the Isreali’s took out Iraq’s nuke works, so it’s highly likely that as Bush slips into more vagueness, and the price of gas gives little reason for the US to protect the middle east “oil Kingdom’s”, and Obama unfurls his “shield”, where do you imagine – no better than that – when do you think that the State of Isreal will take out the heavy water nuke works in Iran? And what do you think Iran will do? And, in the vast intrigue of Obama world, which is limitless in it’s knowledge of world affairs, who will rise up as the figurehead of leadership? I can assure you, it’s not Obama. No “anti-war” Presidential candidate has ever made it to the White House during wartime, and idealism somehow goes flat when someone in Congress introduces the draft. I’m sure Iran will not leave the “green zone” alone, and it’s wishful thinking to believe that Isreal is taking up “war games” for reasons unknown or for a threat. Beside McCain, it’s unlikely that Obama can offer much when the battle begins. Obama’s idealism is just another ism and if the Israeli’s do what is likely (because they did it once before), when do you suppose they would do it? The election is the first week of November. Do you think “war games” is for fun? I hope these thoughts, and those of others who think about this, are wrong. But history is a fine teacher.

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