How Will Team Obama Change On March 5?

After a slow start, the New Yorker’s weekly Campaign Tracker podcast has found a groove. This week they noted that Obama campaign policy advisers tend to be younger Democratic Party backbenchers and younger academics. In foreign policy, the backbenchers include folks like former assistant secretary of state Susan Rice, and former navy secretary Richard Danzig, scholars such as Samantha Power, and notable greybeards such as Zbigniew Brzezinski, Anthony Lake and Richard Clarke. How will that mix of advsors change when and if Obama is the presumptive nominee? Will Austan Goolsbee continue to be front and center; will Dan Restrepo continue as Obama’s primary counselor on Latin America? To what degree will Clinton advisers Madeline Albright, Sandy Berger, and Richard Holbrooke become part of a retooled general election campaign– and, for Holbrooke, at least, potentially part of an Obama administration?

(Sunday’s Times of London suggests that Holbrooke may have to wait for his long-sought Secretary of State post– Dick Lugar is mentioned as candidate, fellow Republican Senator Chuck Hagel is floated to head the Pentagon– though I prefere the notion of Hagel as running mate.)


One thought on “How Will Team Obama Change On March 5?

  1. Now that it’s 05 March, the Clinton v. Obama thing is reminiscent of an episode of MTV’s Celebrity Death Match. Announcer: And, Clinton just handed Obama his head … but wait … he’s screwed it back on; and, he’s holding up a chalkboard. What’s he trying to say? Oh no, it’s the total number of delegates he’s won! That’s got to hurt folks. Clinton is countering with the kitchen sink. Obama’s got a blowtorch. Wow! That sink is red hot; he’s welding the pipes together. Wait, who’s that getting into the ring? Hey, he’s not supposed to … look out Obama! Bill Clinton just handed Hillary a pair of oven mitts. Oh, here comes Michelle Obama … with a five-gallon jerry can of Texas barbeque sauce. Man that stuff is hot. She’s marinating both Clintons. Folks this is humiliating. Those Texas delegates just threw Barack Obama a flamethrower … oh no … who’s that? Wait, its Monica Lewinsky; the Clintons are using her as a human shield. Well, I hope Ms. Lewinsky brought her asbestos thong. Somebody’s got to win this primary, but it won’t be Monica:

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