As far as she knows

A week later this is still jaw-dropping.


One thought on “As far as she knows

  1. Sadly, you got taken by creative editing :-(.

    Note how YouTube/THE INTERNET can be used for manipulation just like everything else in political history.

    “The Kroft interview story was launched within hours of the 60 Minutes’ 7 p.m. telecast on March 2, when a Clinton critic quickly posted a truncated video of the interview on YouTube under the loaded headline “Hillary Clinton Stokes False Rumors about Obama’s Faith.” (Truncated, because the video chopped off the part where Clinton expressed her sympathy for Obama for having to put up with Muslim innuendos.) The video was then pushed out to the press. At 9:18 p.m. anti-Clinton blogger Andrew Sullivan linked to the YouTube clip. Just minutes earlier, Ben Smith at the Politico had linked to the video, along with his comments, in which he echoed the sentiment of the YouTube headline; that Clinton had come dangerously close to spreading a smear.”

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