Chicago Public Radio’s Life After Bush

It’s not on one of them fancy coastal stations, but WBEZ’s Worldview is one of the global affairs shows on public radio. This month Jerome McDonnell’s show has been looking at Life After Bush; the ongoing series on Global Activism is also worth a gander.  Interviews that stand out for me include one with Iraqi-American environmentalist Azzam Alwash of Nature Iraq and another with Domincan nuns and anti-nuclear protesters Ardeth Platte & Carol Gilbert of Jonah House.

Two other WBEZ notes: Natalie Moore is blogging the R. Kelly trial; and This American Life’s The Giant Pool of Money is an amazing look at the housing crisis.

A final public radio love letter, to On the Media, for Bob Garfield’s snarky, yet sweet, piece on the Newseum.


One thought on “Chicago Public Radio’s Life After Bush

  1. I just listened to the 5/16 On the Media on the way to work – totally agree on the Newseum piece. Looking forward to seeing for myself at the Internews Awards thing there on June 5th.

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