Starbucks Tries to Jam Rat City Rollergirls Over Trademark

The Seattle Post Intelligencer reports on the work my friend Quinn is doing in support of the Rat City Rollergirls in a trademark negotiation with Starbucks.

Starbucks has asked the league to change its logo, said Quinn Heraty, a New York lawyer representing the Rat City Rollergirls and its national association, The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.

“The issue is with the shape of the logo, including what they’re calling concentric circles,” she said. “They’re saying that the dimensions of the circles are too close to their own. … I mean, come on, circles and portraits? Big deal. Starbucks didn’t invent that….The Starbucks lawyer said that the girls on the roller derby team look scary, and she didn’t think, in her own personal opinion, (that) Starbucks would want to associate themselves with the scary characters of Rat City Rollergirls,” Heraty said. “I just thought it was funny.”

Starbucks is tough. But the Rollergirls are known for being tough, too – and sexy. The amateur league, ranked second in the nation, regularly sells out its monthly bouts where women on skates adopt sporty and sexy alter egos and knock down other women.


2 thoughts on “Starbucks Tries to Jam Rat City Rollergirls Over Trademark

  1. May I respectfully request that Starbucks please cease litigation against the Rat City Rollergirls and go after the true originators of the concentric circle logo design ~~ ALIENS!

  2. I must say, Starbucks, you have gone too far now. Come on, a circle with an image inside? I doubt that design was being used long before you opened your doors. I think I’ll do some research even back through all my old logo books and see how many logos you look like.

    I learned in my art college that creativity is selective copying and you will never be fully original. Don’t think you invented the circle. Is it that you are just more mad about the fact that followers of the rollergirls don’t usually buy your coffee? Ouch.

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