Obama Continues Rightward Foreign Policy Tilt

In recent weeks, I’ve noted Obama’s apparent tack rightward on Colombia , and Israel-Palestine and Iran. Today, in an interview with Jorge Ramos, Obama threatened sanctions against Venezuela, calling Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is a “threat” to the national security of the U.S.  The latter statement is new–  last month in a speech, he said that Venezuela does not “pose a serious threat to the U.S.”

Will Obama move even further to the right next month to compensate for McCain’s visit to Colombia? Will he

Jack Kelly also noticed Obama’s change in heart:

Sen. Obama at AIPAC was significantly more hawkish than he was earlier on the campaign trail. Has he changed his world view? Or is he just changing his spots in pursuit of votes?

(I should add that I’m not wholly opposed to seeing Obama turn “right” turn right. I agreed with the Washington Post’s call that Obama rethink any “arbitrary timetable” for withdrawing troops from Iraq.)


One thought on “Obama Continues Rightward Foreign Policy Tilt

  1. One recalls that JFK criticized Nixon for soft on Cuba. The JFK started to go a bit soft himself, shortly before his trip to Dallas.

    One also recalls Clinton arguing that the only problem with Gulf War I was Bush’s unwillingness to take Baghdad and depose Hussein. While not taking up that challenge himself, one notes that bombings and sanctions hardly let up after our own ‘regime change.’

    One who expects a ‘likely’ candidate for President of the U.S. to truly oppose the project of empire might want to consult one’s history books.

    It is for this reason (among others) that some have chosen not to drink the Kool-aid.

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