No to Nunn

There are no perfect running mates out there for either candidate (although I certainly preferred one for Obama until it became evident that he was out). Obama’s needle is a bit trickier to thread than McCain’s: the Democratic Party has been defined by sets overlapping, but distinct, interest groups, and each of its presidential nominees since Humphrey, at least, seem compelled to try to please them all. Though his sheen has faded for some over the last few weeks (“New Yorker article et al have me a bit disillusioned about Obama,” a friend wrote on Twitter today. “Didn’t stop me from buying another t-shirt,” she added.), Obama’s promise is that he transcends the confining boxes of the identity-driven post-1968 Democratic Party. Sure, the drawn out primary season complicates his task (to the advantage of Govs. Sebelius and Napolitano, perhaps), but for the most part Obama should have free range to pick a second banana who does not fit into the traditional PC pantheon. Thus, folks like Webb, Chuck Hagel, and former Sen. Sam Nunn have all sounded good to me, despite the disagreements I have with each of them on many issues–for starters,  immigration, abortion, and school praryer, respecitvely. This month it’s become evident that neither of the former two Senators is likely to make in onto the big stage at Mile High Stadium next month, but Nunn appears to be in play, and I’ve become more creeped out by the prospect. Via BlogActive, we find John Norris’s Nunn detailed deep dive. The highlight, or lowlight, of his list:

In 1993 Nunn said he believed the heterosexual lifestyle was “morally superior to the homosexual lifestyle,” followed by “American family deterioration is one of the biggest problems we face in our culture.”

Norris also notes that  “Nunn voted with Jesse Helms to reduce funding for AIDS research and to ban HIV positive immigrants.” (Yesterday we learned that, apparently without irony, Sen. Libby Dole wants to rename an AIDS relief bill after ol’ Jesse.) Yesterday, the HIV travel ban that Helms and Nunn supported, came closer t dying after the Senate passed the PEDFAR bill. How would Nunn have voted?


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