McCain “coming off his peaks?”

I spent some time over the weekend of trying to talk liberal friends off the “OMG, we’re going to lose!” freakout ledge. The heart of the case I made was that the Obama campaign turned itself around with the “lipstick on a pig” remark.  I argued that Obama used with the phrase with the intention of provoking the GOP to overplay its strong post-convention hand. This move paid off  most obviously in the grilling McCain’s received in recent days in various “factcheck columns,” and, perhaps most obviously, in the grilling McCain received from Joy Behar on The View. I’m not sure I believed it myself, but it seems that poll analyst extrordinaire (and political blogger rookie of the year?) Nate Silver also senses a turn-around:

Arguably, however, there are a few signs that McCain is beginning to come off his peaks. Between the four national tracking polls, McCain now leads by an average of just 0.25 points, his smallest margin since the convention.


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