Comprobador de hechos

On the Media interviews Federico Subervi about how the presidential campaign in playing out on Spanish-language media. Subervi correctly pointed out that no one has taken on fact checking the campaigns’ Spanish-language ads. The one exception, of course, is the oft-cited itself. While it hasn’t issued any reports in Spanish that I’ve seen, it has several times reported on claims made in Spanish-language media this cycle. But Federico’s point stands, Spanish-language media do not seem to be have embraced the “fact check” trend that is evident in so many English-language papers. (Univision does have a thorough look at the candidates’ astrological charts, however, from Profesor Zellagro.)

was asked if “Univision or anyone else has taken on the fact checking job in Spanish?” and answ

not that i know

tactics to reach, and effects of spots


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