How to Vote for Judges (Rudeboys Don’t Cry)

A friend yesterday direct messaged me on twitter Saturday afternoon with no small degree of panic: he was heading to the library for some early voting, but realized he was ignorant of lower ballot officials and referenda. (This friend is more diligent than me in every way– a week earlier I’d mostly winged it on the Water District commissioners, municipal judges and dog catcher positions, making sure only that I voted for a proper ethnic array of candidates.) I forwarded his quest for online resources onto my twitter and Facebook nets and was directed towards the Chicago Bar Association’s Guide to Judicial Candidates and Of course, one can always follow Dan O’Neil‘s practice in his Election Day poem, Despite My Need for Corrective Lenses.

I voted for no judges who I haven’t seen in person,
with the exception of a guy named Michael Jordan
that’s a gimme couldn’t
pass that one up.

On the Illinois call for a Constitutional Convention, count the League of Women Voters and me against it, and Crains Chicago Business and array of elected officials for it.

Finally, it goes without saying that Rudeboys will be voting no on Judge Dread


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