Welcome to Rebuilding Stage 5, Bulls Fans

Back in the Clinton years, early November always brought with it the promise of a dominant basketball season in Chicago. The Bulls were so good that we could ease our way through the season, confident that Michael and Scottie would be playing into May and June. Since the final championship in 1998, the Bulls have started one rebuilding project after another, depending on how you count (Ron Mercer, Elton Brand, Eddie and Tyson, the 04 rookie team come to mind), the Bulls are onto their fifth rebuilding round. In the Baseball Prospectus NBA season preview, Kevin Pelton is not optimistic about the Bulls prospects. Using the SCHOENE projection system, he forsees a long season with 32 wins. Hard to argue with SCHOENE’s equation of Tyrus Thomas to Stromile Swift.

At least the season started off well last night. If only they could play against Scott Skiles every night.


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