18 Potential Candidates, and Counting, in Illinois’ 5th District

We don’t often witness an open Congressional seat in Chicago (was the last one the 4th District in 1992, won by Luis Gutierrez?), so it’s not surprising that nearly 20 names are being bandied about as potential candidates. (I mentioned the first 8 on Sunday.) Channel 2’s Mike Flannery threw out some additional names last night, among them state Rep. Sara Feigenholtz; 39th Ward Ald. Margaret Laurino; former Assistant U.S. Attorney Michelle Smith, former State Rep. Nancy Kaszak, Emanuel’s former chief of staff John Borovicka and former 43d Ward Ald. Edwin Eisendrath. Roll Call adds Ald. (Ann Sather owner and Laura Washington’s and Turth2Tell’s favored candidate) Tom Tunney,  J.B. Pritzker (unlike sister Penny he supported Hillary), businessman Cary Capparelli, and former Clinton White House aide and Obama for America staffer Peter Dagher to the list.

If, Deb Mell withdraws, as David Ormsbay at Two Cents Less suggests she might, then Borovicka, with his fundraising ability and connections to Emanuel, becomes my frontrunner.

Imagine if Blagojevich taps Jan Schakowsky for the Senate– the  resulting opening in the 9th District could leave use with upwards of 30 people running around the Northside looking for a ticket to DC.


5 thoughts on “18 Potential Candidates, and Counting, in Illinois’ 5th District

  1. Borovicka a frontrunner riding on Emanuel’s coat tails? Don’t bet on it.

    As a Congressman for this district, Emanuel was always just passing through. There is still embitterment over his treatment of Nancy Kazcak (whatever the spelling). And remember, Emanuel won largely due to felon Tomzak’s (whatever the spelling) patronage army, a resource no longer available to an Emanuel backed candidate. In such a varied, urban district, a payroller like Borovicka could easily be rolled over by a long time elected official, as several of the prospective candidates are. That could be true regardless of the money Borovicka, with no name ID, would throw into the race.

    Remember how a few years ago, when the seat was last open, William Kennedy Smith was muscled out of the race for this district so quickly? The local powers that be still exist, and in strength.

  2. When is Chicago going to rise to the fore and stop letting these corrupt crooks decide who wins all of their elections? It really gives us a bad reputation in the eyes of the world. This is why I am getting behind a grassroots movement for peace: peace activist and journalist matt reichel (www.mattreichel.us)

  3. Any word on which one of these candidates would have voted against the “stimulus” bill? Those for it are automatic DQs in my book.

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