The Race to Replace Rahmbo “Dissolving” into an Election

An update on the jockeying in Illinois’ 5th Congressional District: Mike Quigley, despite chatter that he might sit out, is in, as is Sara Feigenholtz. Names added to the lists develolped earlier include Frank Avila and Jay Paul Deranty; Tom Tunney and Deb Mell are likely out. Ald. Patrick O’Connor (via Steve Rhodes) thinks there are too many damn candidates, and has a way to fix things:

“We, as political leaders in this congressional district, would be pretty poor leaders if we allow it to dissolve into something like that…This is an opportunity for all of us to be together, work together and come up with a candidate we can all support and, if that happens, it’ll be a great opportunity,” he said.

(Hunter Clauss reminds us of reported overlaps between Ald. O’Connor’s votes and his wife’s real estate work; expect more digging into such reports should he run.)


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