A Monday kvetch about newspaper websites

There are better places to read about what’s wrong with newspapers’ websites, so I’ll be brief:

  • Why is the New York Times hiding the audio of its interview with President Obama? Hearing it talked up on MSNBC and NPR, I headed to the Times site to load it onto the iPod for my morning run.  There is no mention of Saturday’s interview on the home page; after some digging, I find an article about, and transcript of, the interview, but when I dig around long enough to find a summary and transcript of the interview, I only find excerpts of audio.
  • Why can’t the Chicago Tribune learn to link correctly? This article about airfare price cuts (which oddly isn’t listed on its Travel page) mentions travel sites like BestFares.com and Vayama.com without including links; a mention of The Travel Team Inc includes an apparently auto-generated link to a seemingly irrelevant Tribune page. This would have been silly in 1998; in 2009, it’s ridiculous.
  • NPR’s David Folkenflik apparently watches Jon Stewart, as his story this morning (watch out for the apparently new NPR.org popups) on the failings CNBC lifts, with no shame or attribution, from Stewart’s much discussed rant last week. Wouldn’t it have been cool if the journalist had done the story before the comedian?

3 thoughts on “A Monday kvetch about newspaper websites

  1. i mean…. right on, i agree with you. and i hold out little hope that this situation will change. Do you think that the greater issue is news outlets’ web staff obstuseness, an inability to cope with the sheer richness of resources that these folks have at their fingertips, or some other factor or factors?

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