The Clarovista’s soggy mattress

The Clarovista is the (re-branded) culmination of the largest construction project in my Chicago neighborhood of Edgewater in a couple of decades. I didn’t oppose the development, enjoyed watching the construction unfold over the last few years, and have looked forward to the business my new neighbors could might bring to some of my favorite local spots, including Third Coast Comics, Ethiopian Diamond and Metropolis Coffee.  I didn’t join the chorus of boos that objected to the construction of an Aldi’s on the ground floor—in this economy, business development is welcome, even if its not a sexy brand.

The Clarovista's mattress, getting soggy, after a week
The Clarovista's mattress, getting soggy, after a week



My curmudgeonly hackles have been raised by the property failure to keep its sidewalks free of snow and garbage over the last few months. The capper has been the appearance and steadfast presence for the last week of an abandoned mattress steps from the building’s main entrance on Granville St. I’ve chronicled the mattress’s week via Flickr; through the wonders of Page Rank, these photos are now for anyone searching “Clarovista.”

Upon my discovering the mattress last Thursday afternoon, I called the 49 Ward’s Alderman, Joe Moore —the Nation’s “Most Valuable Local Official, neighborhood bloggers’ opinions to the contrary. (Through some districting quirk, the 49th Ward, which is comprised for the most part by Rogers Park north of Devon, extends through a sliver south to encompass the Clarovista and some properties owned by Loyola University. ) A woman in Ald. Moore’s office named Ann promised to take care of it. I’ve checked in on the mattress twice a day since, on my morning jog and on my walk home from the train, and it has held together, despite frequent April showers. 

I have to admit that I’ve come to appreciate the mattress—I’ll have mixed feelings if I return Friday night to find it gone.  

 (As you can see, the mattress is snuggled up against one of those new fangled parking meters that are causing so much sturm und drang. I’ve seen the LAZ Parking coin collectors step over the bedding whilst collecting coins—I wonder if a city-employed coid collector or meter maid would be more likely to call the local Streets & San office to arrange a pick-up?)

6 thoughts on “The Clarovista’s soggy mattress

  1. A standing feed for ‘60660’ on Flickr actually brought me to your pictures, and your blog. It’s also along my morning walk; so now, like you, I will be waiting with baited breath for its ultimate fate.

  2. If you are curious about how the district was gerrymandered, check the donations reports for Joe Moore. Look for Bill Platt. Platt is so righteous that he had a priest bless the ground for the ground breakiing, but that is where his virtues stop.

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