Obama eyes Lisa Madigan

Item: Obama meets with Lisa Madigan re the Senate seat.


  1. So much for the notion that Obama (and Jarrett and Emanuel, who were also reported to be in on the meeting) would stay above the fray of Prairie State politics.
  2. Apparently Barack  isn’t as down with his basketball buddy as he was back in ’06 when he cut that TV ad for Alexi. Rahm & crew can’t be happy with Giannoulias‘ Bright Star problems— and are likely privvy to the rumors I hear that more ugly headlines are likely.  Could the White House be worried that Alexi is “Blagojevich all over again,” as someone speculated recently?
  3. Lisa running for Senate would brighten the futures of her father and the governor.
  4. Which will come first: Lisa’s decision, a state budget, or Aramis Ramirez‘s return to Wrigley?



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