John Updike on declining newspaper industry, in 1969

Prompted by his death, I’ve been slowly picking my way through John Updike’s Rabbit series. Rabbit’s boss Pajasek, upon laying Rabbit off from his job running a printing press drops this note, which would suggests that Craig Newmark, Arianna Huffington, Google and the internet in general are off the hook for the collapse of the newspaper industry.

Maybe one of the Brewer dailies can take you on, maybe something in Philly or up in Allentown, though what with papers dropping out or doubling up all over the state there’s something of a glut in the trade right now.


One thought on “John Updike on declining newspaper industry, in 1969

  1. Nice find, John! I love it when history repeats itself, or literature predicts history (especially when its not Sci-Fi). This is one of those moments. This morning on the Muni – a packed train car – I was the sole reader of a newspaper. I’ve been watching them decline, and admittedly can’t tell what all those folks are reading on their Kindles – but this was the first time I was the ONLY one with newsprint on my hands.

    – I think we’re seeing many of them in the health care debate as well.

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