What was your most Influential Media Writing in 2009

Around this time of the year, I’ve taken to asking for lists of the writing about media and technology that most influenced you.  (Here are the winners for 2007 and ‘08.)

  • Please share books, blogs, tweets, emails, videos– the medium isn’t important.
  • The material you nominate need not have been published in 2009– it need only have made you think this year.
  • Please send your ideas to me at johnsbracken at gmail; @jsb on Twitter, or in the comments here. I’ll summarize them before the month ends.
  • I’ll mention you if I use your suggestions– unless you request otherwise.

2 thoughts on “What was your most Influential Media Writing in 2009

  1. I mentioned on Twitter the Guardian’s high-visibility implementation of crowdsourcing to analyze MP expense reports. There were four lessons written up soon after it went live, but I would like to hear at least one more insider report now that several months have passed. Were any stories broken out of information provided by the public?

    I was pretty taken with Jonathan Zittrain’s SXSW talk, which was basically a run through his “Future of the Internet” meme. I knew his argument, but I was really impressed by his easy presentation manner. I have to suspect that hearing him talk would be a better intro to his thesis than the book for a lot of people.

    More generally, I’ve been very pleased with the coverage of WNYC’s “On The Media” – maybe this is all a sign that I’ve been in a more aural mode for new ideas lately?

    I missed your round-up in past years but look forward to seeing what you gather…

  2. * Short 2 minute video primers from Mike Masnick of Tech Dirt (sponsored by UPS). Wonderful videos on the Innovators Dilemma and the Economics of Abundance.

    * Jeff Jarvis’ Buzz Machine blog (www.buzzmachine.com)

    * Clay Shirky, especially his recent post on Algorithmic Authority. Also his book, Here Comes Everybody.

    * The Big Switch by Nicholas Carr

    * Lucy Berholz’s blog Philanthropy 2173 (philanthropy.blogspot.com). It’s more than just philanthropy and new media.

    * The Berkman Center’s weekly email blog roundup posts

    * Ditto with Joe on On The Media. Always excellent on new media critiquing, especially on my bus rides.

    * Pew’s Internet and American Society (www.pewinternet.org). Their research is terrific.

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