Google Zeitgeist Loves Brian Piccolo

Either Ecuadorean Internet users developed a newfound love for a 1960s Chicago Bear or there’s some wacky in the Google Zeitgeist juice. Via Global Voices and Cobertura Digital, we find Ecuador’s top, and hottest, Google search terms for the year. The top three search are for Ecuador, Hi5, and videos– simple enough. Then, atop the list of most searched football players: Brian Piccolo. At first I wondered if if could be some young Brazilian prospect recently signed by LDU— but it seems that the only one out there is indeed the one who played running back for the Bears in the late 60s– and who lives forever thanks to James Caan’s portrayal of him in “Brian’s Song.” I’m left to presume that either Andean Internet surfers are obsessed with tearjerker sports movies– or someone at Google Zeitgeist is having a laugh.


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