Oops, and 10 conclusions from the Illinois Primary

With turnout of less than 30%, I’m loathe to draw many conclusions from Tuesday’s primary vote. Among the few things I do know:

1. I, along with 213,000 other voters, screwed up and now the Democratic Party is trying to figure out how to dump the roided-up, woman-bashing pawn shop king Scott Lee Cohen from the Lt. Governor spot we gave him.  I was influenced by all those ads “job fair” ads on sports radio enough to give him the nod on the blog– but don’t blame me: I voted for Rickey Hendon.

2. Some political science student somewhere is going to have a fun figuring out the impact of Dan Hynes’ Harold Washington ad. I haven’t seen the numbers but my guess is that the hubabuloo and crocodile tears Pat Quinn brought on in response to the ad helped him.

3. Andy McKenna and Dan Hynes will likely never run for anything again– though at least McKenna didn’t cry.

4. Pat Quinn’s chances for re-election hinge on Bill Brady’s 420 vote lead. Moderate Republican Kirk Dillard would mop the floor with the inconsistent Quinn. Brady, on the other hand, is far enough out of the mainstream (pro-Creationism, voted against a bill to outlaw anti-gay discrimination, opposes abortion in cases of rape and incest, doesn’t believe in global warming) that even Quinn will stand a fighting chance.

5. About two-fifth of the GOP electorate voted for one of the hard-core conservatives in the race, Brady, Andrzejewski and Proft.

6. Andrzejewski would have been a better investment among the tea party crowd then was Patrick Hughes in the Senate race. The push he received from Rush Limbaugh et al in the final days could have propelled him more had it come earlier.

7. I’ve had Charles McGrath’s New Yorker look at the Tea Party movement on my mind all week.

8. The SEIU is a force to reckon with in Illinois politics. Giannoulias, Quinn and Preckwinkle all had their endorsements. Of course, the SEIU is also responsible for giving u Rod Blagojevich.

8b. The Cook County Democratic Party remains the force to reckon with in Illinois politics, at least for another few months. Each of the candidates it supported in statewide races won.

9. Despite all the hopeful nattering of Logan Square progressive bke-rider set, Mayor Daley is unlikely to face a serious challenge in 2011– not even if the SEIU opposes him.

10. Alexi Giannoulias is in for a tough race against Mark Kirk. Consider the difference in style, and relevancy, of the initial two ads from the Republican and Democratic Senatorial Campaign committees:

First, the GOP ad:

And the Dems’ entry:


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