Beyond bookmarks

Every now and then, a friend asks me which sites I read regularly. That’s an increasingly difficult question to answer, as my news consumption is driven by what others highlight in Google Reader, Twitter and Facebook and via IM and email. (At least that’s my impression, only my browser knows the true Internet me.) The only media bookmarks in my toolbar are Andrew Sullivan and, recently, Media Gazer; the only one I use on my phone is the New York Times. So how to respond to the latest query, from a friend who’s recently entered the journalism world and is looking to add key industry sites to her online diet? I don’t know where to direct her,  other than to social networks and obvious field leaders like Romenesko and TechCrunch? (Maybe when my 3g iPad arrives I’ll go back to visiting web sites– at least until Google Reader for the iPad works.)


One thought on “Beyond bookmarks

  1. you can export an OPML file from google reader, and I think even specify it to a specific folder 🙂

    it’s a good way to hit the ground running when someone first starts using reader – and it’s easy enough to re-organize and unsubscribe from items.

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