Wagons East

I have thrilling, and sad, news to share today. Thrilling, later this month I’ll begin working for the Knight Foundation, in August I’ll move to Washington, DC. I’ve come to learn that there is no better place for someone interested in the Internet  and society than DC– many of the most innovative NGOs, start-ups–nonprofits and for-profit, media organizations and, of course, government folks are there. And, if you have followed the Internet much you know that Knight is the field leader and that I’m going to be joining a great team– and stepping into large shoes. I can’t wait.

The sad part is that I’ll be leaving Chicago and a job that I love at the MacArthur Foundation. The last 6 years have been some of the most eventful of my life: I got married, had a baby, spent a magical November evening in Grant Park, became meat eater. All this while having a job that I would pay to do, working with smart people in an array of fields. Macfound’s a special place and I’ll miss it.

Expect a trail of #thingsIllmissaboutchicago lamentations on Twitter as well as pleadings for #nuevodad assistance in DC. (How do I raise a Bears fan in Redskin territory?)


11 thoughts on “Wagons East

  1. From being here for 1-year at this point (and having two children):

    1. The Zoo, it is free, open almost all of the time and very good for kids
    2. Folger Theater, small, beautiful space for a range of plays (great date night)
    3. Smithsonian’s, again perhaps your baby is a bit young, but fun for you and your wife
    4. C&O Canal – great for hikes, jogging, biking
    5. Dumbarton Oaks – tucked in G-town, beautiful gardens and nice small museum of Asian and Central American art
    6. Eastern Market – best on a crisp October day, but pretty good any weekend for people watching, food and coffee

    Looking forward to hanging in DC.

  2. Needless to say, I will miss having you down the street. But so happy that you’ll be stepping to those big Knight shoes. No worries — you’ll stretch them, I’m sure. Go, go, John!

  3. I hope you and your family enjoy DC – my hometown. So many great things to do there! I agree with you and Rachel about the bittersweet feeling… it just means you have been having happy times in Chicago.

  4. Congratulations, John. Chicago’s loss is D.C.’s gain.

    But with regard to the Bears and ‘Skins, as a D.C. native with many friends whose parents were transplants, I have to break it to you: terribly sorry, but you’ll be raising a Redskins fan. 🙂 It just happens.

  5. Belated congrats on the changes, John!

    Happy to say you can relax about raising a Bears fan in ‘Skins territory: there are so many transitional folks in DC at any given time you can find a nice tight-knit group of sport fans for whatever team you follow (I managed to maintain my livelihood as a Cowboys fan through two separate tours of the DC environs).

    Best of luck with the move!

  6. Hi John!

    I just heard that you’re our new contact at Knight Foundation. (I’m with J-Lab) I look forward to meeting you!

    However, as a die-hard Cowboys fan, I assure you it IS possible to stay loyal to one team while living in Redskins territory. Your kiddo will be just fine. 🙂

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