2010’s best media about media?

It’s that time of year: every December, I ask for help in compiling a list of material (books, blog posts video, audio, animation…) that has prompted you to think about the Internet and media in new ways. (Here are the winners for 20072008 and 2009.)

This year, I’m narrowing the focus, at least a bit.

Wikileaks, and the unfolding responses to Wikileaks, strikes me as the most significant media story of the year.

Also, Tim Wu, whose work has been mentioned prominently in my previous summaries, published The Master Switch to wide acclaim and discussion, at least among the US-based Internet cognoscenti.

So, my plea for your assistance for 2010:

  • What article, or writer, has impacted your thinking about Wikileaks and the issues raised this year around freedom of expression and journalistic ethics?
  • What’s the story, meme or innovation (other than Wikileaks) that we’ll look back on in 2030 as having had the greatest impact?
  • Who had the most interesting reaction to Master Switch?


  • The material you nominate need not have been published this year– it need only have made you think this year.
  • Please send your ideas to me at johnsbracken at gmail; @jsb on Twitter, or in the comments here. I’ll summarize them before the month ends.
  • I’ll mention you if I use your suggestions– unless you request otherwise.

(This is not just an exercise to build my end-of-the-year vacation reading list, but it also serves that purpose….)


4 thoughts on “2010’s best media about media?

  1. Kevin Kelly’s book, What Technology Wants, was mind-blowing. I was deeply impressed that he had actually tried every level of technological living, basically from primitive to the highest tech, and remained an optimist.

    As tech-philosophy goes, the book has few peers.

    Steve Jobs’ speech “They don’t want amateur hour” was a turning point for me. As was the Google / Verizon deal.

    Nick Carr and Nick Bilton’s books made me think. So did Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother though I think that might have been actually published a few years ago.

    Must be some more, let me think.

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