Lessons from Justin.tv?

It seems so long ago now– Barack Obama was a darkhorse candidate with a month-old campaign, Twitter had just launched at SXSW,  the Washington Post had just revealed the deplorable conditions for US veterans at Walter Reed Hospital and Blake Griffin had just played his final high school basketball game. And in mid-March 2007, Justin.tv was just getting started, with “livecasting.”

It was a silly idea, as Justin seems to admit, but for a couple of weeks in early 2007, I was hooked.

Yesterday on TechCrunch, Justin Kan, the project’s namesake and co-founder, considered the reasons for the show’s failings, and its successes. He emphasizes that they made progress despite the lack of a plan, relevant experience or industry knowledge:

  • We were passionate.
  • Early stage investing is often about the people, not the idea…we worked well together and even if we were working on something totally inane we were going to stick it out with the company and iterate until we found a business model.
  • We sold the shit out of it. Everyone we knew was excited for Justin.tv. Why? Because our excitement was infectious.



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