What part of Bruce Springsteen does Chris Christie not understand?

For the last few weeks, I’ve been playing lots of Johnny Cash for my baby daughter– including some cool, and one creepy, appearances with Muppets. (You won’t find me advocating for children’s music generally, but the Johnny Cash kids record has my endorsement.)

We’ve listened to enough Johnny Cash that when she hears a guitar, she lifts up her head and asks hopefully “Johnny Cash?,” or at least 3 similar syllables.

To add some variety, I checked into YouTube for one of my youthful favorites, Bruce Springsteen. After finding an amazing early, acoustic version of Growing Up, I came across performances of two of his best, The River and Atlantic City. Maybe it’s because I’m reading about the desperate early days of the first FDR administration that I thought of Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey and a noted Bruce Springsteen fan. I’m not sure what Biblical verses Christie used at his inauguration, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t 1 Corinthians 13:13, the verse FDR used at his first inaugural. (And now abideth faith, hope, charity, all three; but the greatest of these is charity.)

I don’t mean the above as a Krugmanian attack on Christie– I actually like some of his positions, particularly his advocacy of merit pay for teachers and am curious to see what he could bring to the national stage. But I do wonder which Bruce Springsteen songs he listens to– he may have missed The River and Atlantic City.


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