On Wisconsin

I’ve kept an eye on events in Madison, Wisconsin this weekend. I followed interesting conversations over Twitter, Facebook and even with real live human beings.

My main conclusions: a) Wisconsinites, at least the ones I know, are generally awesome people, and b) public-sector unions is a complicated issue likely to be listed in lots of 2011 “year in review” articles. Here are a couple of other thoughts I’ve had:

1. I find efforts to conflate the labor protests (against a governor selected by the people of the state some 100 days ago) to the revolution in Egypt ridiculous.

2. Via a friend’s Facebook wall, I saw this reflection from a longtime constituent of Scott Walker.

Having lived in Milwaukee County for most of Walker’s tenure here, he does not have the capacity to compromise. Every year his budget for the county was summarily rejected by the board, he would veto theirs and they would override his veto. He draws a lot of his mystique with his base by not bending to the forces of reason or compromise. …This is the man that in response to a 67 page economic plan from Tom Barrett, published a 68 page plan with two-three word per page.

3. I had some fun chats on Twitter, and over dinner, with (otherwise traditionally liberal) friends convinced that public sector unions, at least in some circumstances, run counter to the public good.


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