“Later in life they will want to build an identity”

Among the highlights of this year’s South by Southwest Interactive Festival for me was the opportunity to tag team with Dan Sinker on Hacking Kids: How to Raise a Digital Native. (With apologies to John Palfrey and Urs Gasser.) It was a “Core Conversation,” not a panel, which apparently meant 360 degree arena seating next to a loud jam band session.

Tech News Daily has a nice summary of the hour, we also captured some of the discussion with a #nuevodads tags.

Andrew Kuklewicz had a good tip for this Disney-phobic parent of a girl: tell your daughter “princesses love math.”

Among 80 or so parents and parents-to-be in the room, it was our 18 year-old SXSW staffer/monitor who had one of the best lines:

“It might seem nice now, and it’s nice that you want to reserve their domain name and be so involved, but you have to understand that later in life they will want to build an identity. Remember, your child might want to use that name for themselves.”

(Other SXSW highlights included seeing old friends, riding in the back of a pedi-taxi with Harper Reed, and receiving a Code for America sweatshirt from Tim O’Reilly.)

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