Three Things Heard Last Night Watching Zuccotti Sweep

As is my habit, I woke up around 3 last night and in my half waking state rolled over to see what was happening in the world, aka Twitter. I woke up a bit more when I saw that the Occupy Wall Street encampment in Zuccotti Park was being rolled up by the NYPD. Some things I recall seeing and hearing while in limited consciousness:

1. Along with approximately 9,999  others, I found myself watching live video of the aftermath provided on UStream by @Iwilloccupy. (Our host made sure to mention the number viewers about once a minute.) He interviewed a young smoker with cool glasses who reported that a 1,000-fold uptick in the number of her Twitter followers during the interview. He also was physically confronted by a group masked in bandanas who objected to being filmed.

2. The only live #ows audio I could find was on WBAI. (The number of WBAI listeners at that hour were probably fewer that the number following @Iwilloccupy.) I didn’t hear any from the streets, but listeners were calling in with summaries of coverage on other radio and television stations. One caller, after summarizing what he heard on WOR, thanked the BAI team, noting “I think your coverage is a little bit biased and paranoid, but I appreciate it.”

3. WBAI ran headlines from Al Jazeera English. The lead story was Syria; the top US story concerned the NBA labor dispute. I took that as an affirmation of what the world sees as important in the US: no NBA is more relevant to most people’s live than the travails of a group of protesters in a city park.


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