Raising the touch-screen generation

At NewsFOO earlier this month, I gave an Ignite Talk about the joys and challenges of raising a child in this digital, always-on interactive era.The talk follows. (Also-  check out the other NewsFoo talks, including Jay Rosen’s harrowing The Abyss of Observation Alone.)

Update:  Things I’ve observed since giving the talk 4 weeks ago:

– Last week, I took O. on her first American Girl Store visit. (It was not of my, or her volition– an out-of-town friend I hadn’t seen for 25+ years was visiting with his daughters.) O. was excited– I’ve never chased her around a store as much as I did here. To my relief, however, she seemed more into the displays and animals then she did in the dolls. Afterward, despite it being her naptime, I took her to the nearby Lego Store. The highlight of the store, besides the giant Lego dragon and Woody, was the pile of bricks in the middle of the store. O. went into a zone, focussed on building a two-brick tower with as many colors as she could find. Her hypnotic-like state was reminiscent of what she’s like when she’s deep into Netflix on her iPad.

– This month O’s become much more into pretend play and has begun to request stories from me at bedtime. This is awesome– I’m wonder when I can break out The Hobbit– but also has me feeling the heat to come up with some fresh material. Most of my stories involve some combination of her, family members and baby animals going to the park.

– We’ve been on vacation for most of this week, during which time O. has been surrounded by new people and places and my wife and I haven’t had to work, much. Perhaps not coincidentally, O. has only requested a screen once since we left the airplane, at the tail end of a 4 hour road trip.


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