Chicago’s Last Lion

Maybe it’s the spring weather or the fact that my daughter asked me her The Robot and the Bluebird twice this morning but Roger Ebert’s death hit me harder this afternoon than I would have expected.  According to Twitter and Facebook, this sadness is shared by many other Chicagoans of my generation. Perhaps our sadness […]

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My Illinois Primary Ballot

Joe Germuska and his Tribune Interactive colleagues built Election Center as a catch-all for election stories and info. The most interesting part is the Ballot Builder, which allows you to sketch out your vote and share it over Twitter or Facebook, if you dare. Not many have: I count 6 mentions on Twitter. (Kind of […]

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Obama eyes Lisa Madigan

Item: Obama meets with Lisa Madigan re the Senate seat. Response: So much for the notion that Obama (and Jarrett and Emanuel, who were also reported to be in on the meeting) would stay above the fray of Prairie State politics. Apparently Barack  isn’t as down with his basketball buddy as he was back in ’06 […]

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The Clarovista’s soggy mattress

The Clarovista is the (re-branded) culmination of the largest construction project in my Chicago neighborhood of Edgewater in a couple of decades. I didn’t oppose the development, enjoyed watching the construction unfold over the last few years, and have looked forward to the business my new neighbors could might bring to some of my favorite […]

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