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Counting smiles at the Tinkering Lab

I visited Chicago Children’s Museum’s new Tinkering Lab with my 3 year old over the weekend. (“Chicago’s first DIY maker-space for families!”)  Neither O. nor I am are particularly handy– both of our first reactions to the drills, saws and wood glue was to split. Because I was with out-of-town guests who were into it, I put up … Continue reading

2009 Chicago Media Highlights: Parking Meters & Peraica

What were the most important events in Chicago media in 2009? I’m not sure, bere’s what I remember: Mick Dumke and Ben Joravsky owned the TIF and parking meter privitization stories. Dumke and Joravsky aside, on the Olympic bid story, Chicago media largely chose to be cheerleaders rather than muckrakers. Steve Rhodes called out Greg … Continue reading

CookCountyEmployees.com and the limited value of transparency

On Monday, Cook County Commissioner Tony released his “transparency project,” CookCountyEmployees.com, a data base of names and salaries of some 25,000 County employees. Via Twitter, Peraica announced it as an “online database of county employees/vendors;” on Youtube he said it was “so that you know how your money is being spent” Peraica has stood out on the ethically-challenged Board … Continue reading

The Clarovista’s soggy mattress

The Clarovista is the (re-branded) culmination of the largest construction project in my Chicago neighborhood of Edgewater in a couple of decades. I didn’t oppose the development, enjoyed watching the construction unfold over the last few years, and have looked forward to the business my new neighbors could might bring to some of my favorite … Continue reading

The Race to Replace Rahm’s Final Lap

A consequence of the most interesting election cycle of my lifetime, the build-up for Tuesday’s vote in Illinois’ Fifth District has been a disappointment. As I’ve lamented previously, this rare occurrence of an open election with several appealing candidates, at a time of crisis, has been largely devoid of substantive debate.  In part, this reflects … Continue reading

Breaking Down the 5th

Political consultant Mike Fourcher (the man behind Chicago Cloutwiki) shares the slides he presented this week to the Northside of Democracy for America chapter; key takeaways from his preview of the Febrary 3 primary election The majority of votes in the District can be found in the city. Shrinking middle class: between the 2000 Census and … Continue reading